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Comfort, value and style are the three qualities you look for in a shoe. So we built a company around these ideas.

We believe your new shoes should already feel broken in. This isn't a new philosophy for us. Decades ago, Deer Stags pioneered a new kind of construction that would finally make that annoying stiff dress shoe a thing of the past. We ended up with a flexible shoe as comfortable as a sneaker. Today, we are best known for our shock-absorbing technologies like the ultra-cushioned S.U.P.R.O.® Sock orthotic.

Offering value is not just talk. It’s our brand and identity since 1929, and how we have thrived as a family in the shoe business since 1964. The people who buy our shoes deserve the very best product their money can buy, and quality and service to match. The same goes for our suppliers and partners.

Or, as we prefer to call it: Listening. What you want from your shoes, in terms of wearability and style, changes over time. So we evolve our line. We knew you wanted a good-looking work shoe that was both comfortable and well-priced, so we created the Times, which became a national best seller. We knew you wanted a cozy slipper that also supports you in the outdoors, so Slipperooz was born. We know many of you want big and wide sizes, so we offer those whenever possible. We will always be asking questions and looking to create new products.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our web site, or if you have a question, an idea for how we can improve, or simply want to say thanks, we not only want to hear from you, it’s essential to our success that we do. It’s how we will continue to thrive.