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How to pick the best shoes for Back to School


How to pick the best shoes for Back to School


How to pick the best shoes for Back to School


What kind of shoes should I buy for my child?

The most “wonderful” time of the year has as finally come back around - no, we’re not talking about the holidays, we’re talking about back-to-school shopping! In particular, back-to-school shoe shopping.  As busy parents, caretakers, and family members we all know how stressful it can get - especially those dress code requirements can be enough to make your head spin!

There are so many different things to consider when buying shoes for your child, so here's our breakdown on how to pick that perfect pair: 

What kind of shoes should my kid wear with a school uniform?

One solid colored dress shoe might be all that you need for every day wear. School uniform requirements can vary (and be strict!) but a style like the Gabe could hit all the checkboxes on your list. An all-black lace-up oxford, the Gabe can coordinate perfectly with all uniform colors and/or patterns, and its padded insole makes it super comfortable and supportive for busy scholars all day long. 

My son doesn't wear a uniform; what styles are good for casual wear in school?

If uniforms are not a requirement, something a little less formal might be more your speed. Our Betts Jr is a kid and parent pleaser thanks to its versatile styling. It's a casual faux leather fashion sneaker that can quickly transform into a more elevated look for casual dress wear. Bonus for the no tie bungee laces - they require less work to get shoes on and make busy mornings run just a little bit smoother!  

 What are these bungee laces I keep hearing about?

A gift from the heavens, bungee laces are a parent's secret weapon and a child's shortcut to getting ready in the mornings. With elastic laces that stretch to comfortably fit each child's foot, your little ones need only slip on their shoes and go. Say good-bye to scraped knees caused by loose laces!

How many shoes does my kid really need?

Of course this depends on your child's level of wear and your budget, but here are some things all shoe shoppers should consider:

1) Is your child growing quickly? Do you need a pair in reserve for the inevitable next growth spurt? A good tip is sizing up half a size to allow your child to grow into the pair through the year. Just make sure the shoe fits securely and is not too loose.

2) Shoutout to all the parents of rambunctious kids! How wild is  your little one at recess? Are they running around all day or do they prefer to sit and read? Your kid's level of activity will determine how quickly that new pair wears down, so having a few options to spread around throughout the school week can help keep them all looking good for months to come.  

3) Don't forget the weather! It's probably nice and warm out while you're shoe shopping in August, but remember rain and snow might be just around the corner. A waterproof upper and insulation to keep little one’s feet warm and comfy no matter what Mother Nature has in store is a good idea. Our Mak2 workboot might be just the ticket, especially since it's a neutral choice for both boys and girls to wear. 

How much should I spend on my child’s shoes?

Spending hundreds of dollars on kids’ shoes that they'll most likely outgrow in a few months (or get covered in grass and mud weekly) just does not seem like the best idea. That's why we price our children's footwear fairly and competitively - and be sure to join our mailing list to be informed when we have sales (hint hint: it's often!).

Back-to-School shopping is not the most fun trip to the mall (ha, remember those?) - kids can be fussy, shoes can be hard to get on, prices are crazy. That's why we make it easy for your with comfortable shoes that kids love to wear at great prices. After all, we are a family too, and we make shoes for families.

Our Top Picks for School Shoes

The best style for school uniforms:

The Gabe: The school uniform classic. Simple, sleek, timeless - for toddlers to big kids. 

The best style for casual and dress:

The Betts Jr: Casual on the playground, fancy if paired with some nice slacks. It's one pair that works for both - but always with that cushioned comfort. 

The best style for playground warriors:

The Eddy Jr: The knitted uppers are great for avoiding creases, the EVA outsole is durable and sturdy and -added bonus- they’re machine washable. Every parent’s dream!

The most versatile style:

Landry: A boot with the design of a high-top sneaker that kids really like to wear!  The added memory foam and the sleek simulated leather uppers ensure these are comfy all day long and also a great choice for more dressy events as well. 

The best year-round style:

Nolan Jr: This sneaker boot comes equipped with memory foam for added comfort and relief on your littles one’s feet, and with bungee laces & side zip for easy wear for all ages; no lacing up needed! 

The most heavy duty pair:

Mak2 Green Camo

Mak2 : With a waterproof upper and warm and toasty insulation, these are perfect for snowy and/or rainy days, and with varying and fun color options there's bound to be a choice each kid is sure to love. 


By Barbara Reinhardt

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