The Best Men’s Shoes to Wear to a Summer Wedding


The Best Men’s Shoes to Wear to a Summer Wedding

The Best Men’s Shoes to Wear to a Summer Wedding



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Whether it’s your own big day or you’re the best man, one of the biggest questions you’ll face as the celebration approaches is: what shoes do I wear to a wedding? Even wedding guests can struggle with finding the right formal or semi-formal shoes to wear with a suit. Fear not, we can help. After all, we’re experts in formal wear, having adorned the feet of grooms and wedding parties since 1929. Here’s our guide on what shoes to wear for a summer wedding:

Comfortable Dress Shoes for a Wedding

Challenge #1 – the shoes have to look good with a suit, but they also have to be comfortable. You’ll be in these bad boys for hours – mingling, dancing, carousing – so only supportive, cushioned dress shoes will do. If you’re celebrating indoors, we have lots of classic, sleek formal shoes available to choose from: The Matthew oxford, the Noble loafer (because who doesn’t want a formal shoe without a lace) and the Gramercy wingtip. But for a summer wedding, you may be outdoors for most of it, so breathability and lightweight construction become important factors.


Our top pick for a comfortable dress shoe for a summer wedding is the Stockton. This oxford is made from lightweight canvas, with a cushioned memory foam insole. These babies can easily keep you going through endless toasts and long buffet lines. The best part? It’s a formal shoe for daily use and you’ll find lots of occasions to wear this pair all summer long.


Can you Wear Sneakers with a Suit?

The answer is YES! A resounding yes to sneakers with suits. This trend has been going on for 20+ years and isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, pairing your favorite casual kicks with your fancy pants is only getting more permissible as the lines between casual and dress blur. 



The Status is an ultra-comfy pair of fashion sneakers that are age defying and work as shoes for the father of the bride as well as younger guests. The breathable mesh upper helps keep things well ventilated in the summer, and the memory foam insole keeps you supported on your feet when it’s time for a speech, speech, speech!


Should the Groom and Groomsmen Wear the Same Shoes?

An age old question of wedding attire etiquette – do the groom and his party have to be dressed all matchy-matchy? We say decide on a type of shoe you’d all like to wear but allow for individual flair (and comfort!) within that category. Loafers are our top pick for a summer wedding party where you want a hint of dressy while still allowing everyone to do their own thing.


The Herman is a kiltie tassel loafer that’s not black-tie fancy but still kicks it up a notch. Make it warm-weather friendly by skipping the socks and trust the soft fabric lining and memory foam insole to do the work to keep you comfortable. For your groomsmen, let them pick from similar styles like the Borough, Civic or Drive. If you’re getting married on or near a boat, the Mitch might be more your speed.



What about Shoes for Weddings the Rest of the Year?

As your calendar probably confirms, wedding season is generally May through September. But of course plenty of celebrations happen the rest of the year, too. For fall and winter weddings, we recommend our formal chelsea boots, like the Argos – dapper and stylish, with added coverage and warmth.

FAQs about Wedding Shoes

Which color shoes do I wear with my suit?

The general rule of thumb is:

Black Suit: Black shoes, Grey or White shoes

Grey Suit: Black shoes, Brown shoes (light or dark, depends on the shade of your pants)

Blue Suit: Brown shoes (light or dark, depends the shade of your pants), Grey or White Shoes, sometimes Black.

But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from being in the men’s fashion business for close to a hundred years, it’s that rules are meant to be broken.

When should I buy wedding shoes?

As soon as you pick your date or get the invite, you should start planning your outfit. Picking out a suit and having it tailored are going to take up the majority of your time when it comes to your wedding outfit. Once that’s done, take your suit shoe shopping with you or make a collage with online product shots of the style that you’re considering, to ensure everything matches and looks good.

How much should I spend on wedding shoes?

We believe that comfort and style should be accessible to everyone, so we price our dress shoes at an affordable price point. What’s more important is that you get a pair that will come in handy for other occasions as well. Luckily, most if not all of our styles can be dressed up or down and can be re-purposed with a multitude of different looks.



By Barbara Reinhardt

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