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Unbound Unisex in Black

Unbound Unisex in Black

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Deer Stags Unisex Unbound Slipper in Black

  • SLIPPEROOZ™ STYLE: Supportive comfort slipper with an indoor/outdoor sole
  • EASY SLIP-ON SCUFF: No ties, no buckles, just step in and go!
  • SOCKS OR NO SOCKS: It's your choice! Wear barefoot or with a sock depending on your comfort

You'll feel liberated from the limitations of your old slippers with the Unbound indoor/outdoor style! A durable outsole will take you on quick errands outside while the memory foam insole feels like a fluffy cloud with each step. Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, this understated slip-on clog has a delicate pull tab accent and subtle contrast border around the opening.

UPPER: Textured Felt Fabric/ Microsuede Fabric
CLOSURE: Slip on
INSOLE: Molded PU and Memory Foam
LINING: Fabric (Microsuede)
SOCK LINING: Fabric (Microsuede)
HEEL HEIGHT: approx. 0.2in

Customer Reviews

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Great slippers!

A few months ago I severely sprained my ankle falling off a ladder. I ended up in an aircast brace and on crutches for several weeks. Because of this, it was impossible to wear a regular shoe on my injured foot and it was even difficult to get a sock on it. I wasn’t very comfortable crutching around with my bare foot hanging down. I found these slippers at a local store and found that they would fit over the bandage and brace. Since they were on sale, I ended up buying them in both brown and black to match the different shoes that I’d wear on my good foot. The brown one matched my brown dress shoes as well as a boat shoe and a hiker. Likewise, the black one went with my black dress shoes and a black athletic shoe. The slipper was very comfortable, and provided some protection to my injured foot, especially if I had to put it on the ground and I liked having something on my foot rather than it just being bare. It was also very easy and painless to put it on and slip it off if I wanted. I ended up wearing these every day to work, and whenever I went out someplace for over six weeks while my ankle healed up. I wore the black slipper to several business meetings with a suit and a black dress shoe on my good foot. It was surprising how many people noticed and made comments on them. My wife said several times how she thought the slipper looked nice on my bandaged foot! Quite a few people complemented me for how I was dealing with the injury and not letting it slow me down. This was good as I ended up being on crutches for several weeks and couldn’t wear anything else.